Sunflex SF55 Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

Sunflex SF55 Bi-folding doors

R & D Goatley offers as part of our extensive product range, the German designed and engineered, Sunflex SF55 bi-folding door. The SF55, as featured on "Grand Designs" is arguably the best bi-folding door system available.

Why Sunflex

R & D Goatley have been installing Sunflex products for many years and have found their products to be the best on the market.

The award winning SF55 offers the slimmest sightlines and neatest stack of any bi-folding door on the market. When panels are closed together the sightline is only 115mm maximising your view and the light in to your home.

Aluminium is an ideal material as it’s light, strong and stable with slim profile sections to minimise the visible framework and maximise the glass area. Gain reassurance in the most exposed locations with this virtually maintenance free material.

SF55 Security

The SF55 has multipoint locking system, comprising of hidden top and bottom shootbolt locking with additional side locking point on lead door panels. The hinge pins secured by internal grub screws ensuring panels cannot be separated. The doors feature slim 8mm gasket between panels so nothing substantial can be levered between the panels.

Available colours from Sunflex

The SF55 is available in a choice of five standard finishes, Silver Anodised EV1, or in semi-gloss: Anthracite Grey RAL 7016, Grey Aluminium RAL 9007, White Aluminium RAL 9006, Traffic White RAL 9016.

For a truly unique finish to your door, you can choose from over 200 colour finishes, colour bonded from colours from the RAL chart. The colour bonded process is guaranteed for 10 years but will last a lifetime.

For powder coated aluminium we recommend a marine treatment if you are within 5,000 metres of the coast or around a swimming pool/chemical environment. We pre-anodise the aluminium frames making them porous and then quickly after this the frames are powder coated which is absorbed in to the frame. This ensures excellent adhesion of the paint to the aluminium and along with a cleaning regime is the best possible protection for powder coated aluminium doors in this environment. Not many companies offer pre-anodising as a marine finish. Alternatively we can provide the frames in a silver anodised finish as standard which does not have a painted surface and does not need the marine treatment.

Please see below for the standard colour range *please note the colours below are for illustrations purposes, for a true representations, please visit our showroom*

White 9006

Silver Anodised

Aluminium 9006

Grey 9007

Anthracite Grey


Furniture from Sunflex

All handles are finished in-line with the door frame providing an uninterrupted view through the glass. Alternatively a horizontal handle with a latch can be requested for a more traditional operation.

Panel catch - Unique to Sunflex bifold doors our locking black PVC panel catch is provided when there is an odd number of panels folding in one direction. This holds the single access door on to the next panel and when all the doors are stacked open the special design prevents the single door being detached from the next door for peace of mind in windy conditions. Also prevents unwanted use and promotes correct operation of the doors providing the correct counter weight for effortless operation.

Stacking clip - Unique to Sunflex bifold doors our stacking clip, hidden in the top track, holds the doors open to ensure that the maximum opening is achieved, the doors do not start to close in the wind and helps prevents unwanted use by small children. 

Sunflex Handles

Panel Catch

Slimmest Profile

Track Detail

Dual Handles



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